We use and enhance the beauty contained in our city fabric, existing materials and objects, rather than making our landfills bigger.

Construction Salvage

Finding creative ways to reuse existing materials to serve new, unconventional purposes diverts them from landfills. In addition, prioritizing refinishing and reinstating old material original to a site over replacement minimizes additional carbon that would otherwise be expended in using virgin materials, and retains the often beautiful and complex history of a building. 
Adaptive Reuse

The process of reusing existing manufacturing or other buildings which are no longer used for their originally conceived use. Through strategic intervention, these buildings can be repurposed into innovative new spaces that maintain connection to their history and reduce the material and energy input required to demolish and construct a new building.
Recycled Content

The use of materials that are fully recycled or contain recycled content minimizes the use of virgin materials and reduces embodied carbon. Materials such as glass, plastic, brick, and stone can be recycled into new materials giving them a second useful life. 

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