H431 - Recycled Content Apartment

Tasked to create a family home on a tight budget, we reconfigured this 675 SF apartment to accommodate two bedrooms and ample space for entertaining. The material palette of exposed brick walls and reclaimed materials used in innovative ways, created a unique and cost-effective space.

A custom sliding counter, made of wood reclaimed from a bowling lane provides flexibility by shifting to enlarge the kitchen space or to serve as a big table for dinner parties.

New York Apple boxes, typically used in film production, were repurposed as playful and budget-conscious upper cabinets.

The many uses of the Bowling Alley Counter

Fundamentally, the layout of the apartment remains unchanged. We opened up the previously enclosed galley kitchen and programmed the new found space to serve double duty as both cooking and dining space. We carved the original single bedroom into two and created an additional storage space, making the unit feel much larger than it is.

Our custom designed plumbing fixtures, installed in the kitchen and bathroom, expose the beautiful copper that is normally hidden within walls. Alongside exposing the existing brick party wall and the use of reclaimed doors, they add to the rich textured palette of the apartment.

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Architect: CO Adaptive
Finished Photographs: Peter Dressel
Building 303, Suite 603, 63 Flushing Avenue, Brooklyn NY 11205