Evolving our existing building stock to create energy efficient, beautifully articulated, and future resilient environments.

Common structural systems such as concrete and steel are carbon intensive to construct.

We create design strategies that minimize the Embodied Carbon of a building.

Building operations account for 30% of global energy use.

We aim to reduce the net Operational Energy of our projects to zero.

The volume of construction waste generated worldwide every year will nearly double by the year 2025.

We specialize in retrofitting our existing building stock and reusing materials wherever possible to Reduce Building Waste.

We specify materials that are either recycled or recyclable to move towards a Closed Loop Lifecycle.

B50 - High Low Gradient Office

Nearly 60% of New York State’s electricity is consumed in the NYC area, where only less than 40% of it is made.

We incorporate onsite Solar Arrays and Rainwater Harvesting as well as Agriculture and Composting to make buildings and their inhabitants more self-sufficient.

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Building 303, Suite 603, 63 Flushing Avenue, Brooklyn NY 11205